Osagie Ojea takes a walk down the memory lane for the second album by his band Afrococoa

After the success of their debut album “Champion from Africa” released in December 2019, which comprised of 17 marvelous songs, the African band Afrococoa are set to woo the listeners with their astounding music once again. Their latest album “OCJ (Ojea’s Continental Joint)” was released in August 2020 and is a beautiful collection of 16 breath-taking tracks. With raw and unique music, Afrococoa is rapidly paving their way through the music industry.

Osagie Ojea, the founder of the band Afrococoa, draws inspiration from real incidents or situations for his music. For his latest project “OCJ (Ojea’s Continental Joint)”, the concept is taken from his roots. He tells more about the latest album, “I was inspired by ACJ – Akute Continental Joint – my mom’s first restaurant that she had when I was a small boy, who was located at the front of my house. So I grew up around music, full funhouse, African cultural local settings, and with all the African waves.” He adds, “So I called my second album OCJ to commemorate all this.”

After not being with his family for almost a decade, Osagie decided to visit the place where he has had the most wonderful childhood, and decided to explore different sounds, until he came up with the one that encapsulated all his precious memories and experiences as a child. This is how his mother’s first restaurant helped him to create an album which is the preservation of all his traditions. This album is an amalgamation of old school traditional African sound such as Highlife, and Afrobeat, along with modern-day popular sounds like Reggae, Latino, and Dancehall, which will make the listeners feel the vibe of African culture.

Osagie Ojea is a multifaceted artist who is a singer, songwriter, and composer, who has created a stir in Minsk, Belarus, with his band Afrococoa. Having played over 150 gigs in the past 3 years, Afrococoa is known for its energetic and lively performances. To add more charm to their live performances, two professional dancers accompany the band who combine Afro Dance in their performance.

“We want to convey unity, love, and happiness. We want people to dance on our music and catch the happiness of the moment. We promote unity not only of people but the unity of different music genres. We promote freedom in our lyrics, freedom of thinking, freedom of expressing ourselves, freedom of speech”, says Osagie, telling about his band.

Osagie’s passion for music has led him to a place today where he looked up to and respected. He has built a strong fan base that supports him in his musical journey. He and the other band members of Afrococoa don’t leave any stone unturned in making music that can bring a smile on people’s faces.

Listen to the album “OCJ (Ojea’s Continental Joint)” now on Spotify.com