Paris, KY Rapper ‘Lil Veeto’ Signs Management Deal with Aspire Music Group

Closing out of the year 2020, Paris, KY rapper ‘Lil Veeto’ boards the AMG Roster, signing an Artist Development deal for the upcoming year. The rising 17-year-old drill artist showcases a seemingly promising future in the local rap scene currently buzzing out of Kentucky. With hard-hitting vocal energy and captivating flows forming his sound, Veeto’s music carries the potential of reaching audiences all around the country. So who is Lil Veeto? When in his life did music come about? Veeto began pursuing an interest in rap at a very young age. In our chat with Veeto, he told us that growing up his influences were artists such as Lil Wayne, 21 Savage, and OTF Timo. Unfortunately however, his early involvement with the law kept him constantly in and out of hands with the Department of Juvenile Justice. Fighting case after case, he spent a chunk of his teenage years incarcerated. While sitting down with Veeto, he told us “I’m just a young n**ga from a small town called Paris in Kentucky. I grew up with a single mom and two sisters. I always found trouble as a kid, you feel me? In and out of juvenile detention.” Behind those bars was a time Veeto began engaging his interest of becoming a rapper. Constantly writing down lyrics in his notebook to free-styling with the dudes locked up on his unit, Veeto came home and decided to get focused with his craft. While asking about his aspirations with music, he told us “Since I was young I’ve been dreaming ‘bout taking off with this music s**t because it seems to be the main thing getting us black men out the streets.” For any Bookings, Features, or Inquires for Lil Veeto, please contact

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