Philosopher-cum-musician Jerad Finck releases powerful new track, ‘New Kids’

Philosopher-cum-musician Jerad Finck releases powerful new track, ‘New Kids’

Jerad Finck is a truly intellectual musician who writes music with a deeper meaning. His previous release, ‘Home’ carried a hopeful message of grounding and reassurance in the midst of a world that often moves too fast. With his latest single, Jerad Finck takes this message to the next level and soundtracks the uprising of the youth of today, urging them to take control.

‘New Kids’ is the name of this powerful new track, which sees Finck take up the mantle of a leader and become the voice of a generation who want to make their voices heard. It’s a timely release for such a song, and as the Youth Strike for Climate Change picks up momentum the world over it’s clear that this song is very fitting for this time of political unrest and upheaval.

The song itself makes use of Finck’s signature analog equipment and builds to a rousing chorus where the lyrics “time to rise up, gonna hear our voices,” are chanted by Jerad and his followers in a determined quest to get our message across.

The impact of the song has been huge so far. It has already amassed over two million Spotify streams, debuted on the Billboard charts and sold more than 50k downloads. But it goes so much further than just sales. The remix of the song by popular UK duo Seawaves – which currently has nearly 200,000 Spotify streams – was released in support of Everytown for Gun Safety (, a non-profit that advocates for gun control against gun violence.

His philanthropic efforts certainly set him apart from the rest of the crowd, especially for an artist so new to the scene. The lyrics for ‘New Kids’ really show how on the pulse Finck is when writing lyrics and releasing tracks, and display a hopeful look towards a future that is worth fighting for.

Watch the lyric video for ‘New Kids’ here!

Jerad Finck – New Kids (Official Lyric Video)

“New Kids” Written by Jerad Finck & Denny White Produced/Mixed by Denny White 2017 Video by 351 Studio “This song is aimed at my generation, the millennials, but applies to everyone fundamentally. We are the “New Kids.” It’s about the rampant discrimination some of us are fighting against in today’s world.

Jerad Finck

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