Pop Singer Vandi Lynnae to Release Enticing Pop Singles in December

Vandi Lynnae, a songwriter, singer, and music producer, unveils two new pop singles. The first track, “Do You Wanna Be,” is to be released on December 8th, and the second track, “Holding On,” will be released on December 29th.

Vandi Lynnae, an American singer, musician, and songwriter, is proud to announce her latest work. The first track, titled “Do You Wanna Be,” is written and produced independently. In this upcoming single, Vandi utilized the talents of family friend, Kevin Nolan, of Rude Music, who plays guitar on the track. It’s “about a relationship where you aren’t quite sure what you are—are you friends, lovers, dating, or mere acquaintances? It asks what the other person wants out of this relationship,” said Vandi Lynnae, who has grown up in an artistic family and has won several awards in music competitions, notably the Tuesday Musical Vocal Category winner during her graduate studies.

Vandi’s second single to be released this month on her birthday, December 29th, is titled “Holding On.” The song was written while Vandi was still in school working on a master of music in vocal performance. This faster paced pop song was written, recorded, and produced by Ms. Lynnae herself. When asked what inspired this song, she states, “My marriage at the time was crumbling, and I wrote this song as a gift to my husband. I’m not the best at communicating in words alone, but I can express what I feel through music. This was my way of reaching out and attempting to rebuild a connection.” Vandi explained about the song, ‘”Holding On” talks about how different we are and how much I desperately wanted to make it work.’ The song lyrics include, “We’re like fire and ice, a fish and a kite, I don’t wanna swim. I wanna fly.” ‘It says, “I’m Holding On,” whatever comes – “Holding on tight, hanging on for life.” ‘ Vandi states, “Ultimately, that relationship ended, but it wasn’t for lack of trying on my part!” Vandi’s singles will be available on music streaming providers like Spotify and Apple Music.

Vandi Lynnae is a talented artist who has been involved in many musical genres with professional performances in Opera, Musical Theatre, with Orchestra, with Jazz and Big Bands, in film, modeling, voiceover, and more!

About Vandi Lynnae Enzor
Vandi Lynnae is a musician, songwriter, and producer. She was born into an artistic family. Her grandmother was a painter and professional clown; her mother was a dancer and classical guitarist. She learned to play the piano at 5 and started taking her first voice lessons and writing songs at 12. Vandi is a librettist for “Our Collected Voices,” a contemporary opera piece put together by the Manhattan School of Music; it is a collaborative project expressing the collective experience of classical musicians during the 2020 Covid epidemic. In the future, she plans to work on full albums such as Jazz EP (with Bob Wilson, Fred Withrow, and Mike Kessler), an album with songs about overcoming, dedicated to Sexual assault and domestic violence victims, an album titled “Fantasy” with fantastical love stories and musical theatre vibes, Work on more short films with Bye Girls Productions, and more. For more information about Vandi Lynnae, and to listen to her latest singles, please visit her social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or her Spotify & Apple music pages.

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