Premiere: Rachael Sage’s ‘Myopia’ @ Joe’s Pub

Premiere: Rachael Sage’s ‘Myopia’ @ Joe’s Pub

Singer, songwriter, producer and all-round musical talent Rachael Sage has shared a live video recording of song ‘Myopia’ taken from her critically acclaimed 2018 album ‘Myopia’. Captured at Joe’s Pub in New York City, the video sees Rachael Sage & The Sequins return to their hometown on the US leg of Sage’s tour earlier this Spring to perform a stunning version of ‘Myopia’ in all its glory.

Following on from her 2018 record release ‘Myopia’ this year Sage released ‘PseudoMyopia’, an 11 track full-length LP that reimagined the original songs of ‘Myopia’ in an ambient acoustic sound. For Rachael, herself this whole ‘Myopia’ era in its two varying formats is all about highlighting the paramount issues that society and the modern world faces, all whilst putting a stripped-back musicality onto the tracks. Title track ‘Myopia’ is an ethereal and dreamy number, with the song’s beautiful musicality and Sage’s magnetic tone making for a radiant song beaming full of positivity and optimism.

The live recording of ‘Myopia’ itself sees Rachael Sage front and center stage, gigging stateside in Joe’s Pub, New York City. Performing at hometown gig is nerve-wracking for any artist, however, Rachael looks like a natural behind her bright blue keyboard, plastered with a selection of stickers and carefully tilted microphone stand, wrapped with delicate fabrics that drape across the stage setup. Musically, the performance is both vocally mesmerizing and instrumentally enchanting. With Sage’s signature snapping of her fingers and instrumentally the delicate twinkling of Rachael’s keyboard playing is just a drop in the ocean in terms of the many instrumentals Sage plays, accompanied by the heart-warming strokes of the violin in the background this performance of ‘Myopia’ is simply stunning.

An all-round captivating performance at a gig so synonymous to Rachael Sage’s roots and beginnings in music, this live version of ‘Myopia’ proves Sage’s undeniable dexterity for taking a studio recording and transforming it into a live spectacle. Check out the brand new live video below and get ready to see a lot more of this singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist soon.

Check out the exclusive premiere of the live performance here:

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