Press Release for new album from Cross Anchor Union

For immediate release, Jan 11, 2022

“With heartfelt lyrics and strong melodies derived from faith and experience, the band seems to be moving towards an electric, pop sound and they’re doing it quite well.”-J. Bentley, Johnson City Press

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JOHNSON CITY, TN- Friday, January 14th brings the long awaited second album from Cross Anchor Union, “CHAPTER II”.

This album carries the flavors at the core of the music on their inaugural album while exploring new paths of delivery and sound as they traverse their musical landscape. While the music will be welcomingly familiar, Chapter II delivers a different experience in sound and scope. As artists progress, age, grow and experience new seasons throughout their lives, the art they produce should reflect that. Chapter II is a snapshot, both lyrically and musically, into the seemingly four-lifetimes-worth of experiences lived between the four members of CAU since the release of Chapter 1 in December of 2019. Along with everyone else across the globe, CAU has experienced their fair share of love, loss, hurt, joy, madness, frustration, stress and celebration that the past two years have brought. Their hope with Chapter II is not to provide an escape from the world, but rather a soundtrack to accompany you in your moments of joy, mourning and anything else in between that this world may throw at you.

Kicking off this launch has the musicians live in studio with JP Parsons on Appalachian Travels (WBCM RADIO, 100.1 FM locally & streaming) live at 2pm Friday the 14th.. Aside from streaming services, the band is also looking for a few of these songs to start making their way into airplay.

The band describes the music as, “Atmospheric Appalachian” as its difficult for them to define a musical genre they belong to. All the musicians (Gary Schwenke- Song writer, Guitars. Nathan Emmert- Guitars, effects and other stringed things. Lance McCloud- Bass Guitars. Ted Bradford II- Drum Set) are from the East TN region and have very diverse tastes in music and art. This culminates in a well-blended mix of thought and expression as the songs written by Gary Schwenke come to life through final arrangements.

Gary shares, “Chapter II is an eclectic mix of songs and I’m really excited about how the final arrangements came together. Some of these songs are new and some have been in my songwriting journal for years. That’s one of my favorite things about songs and songwriting is that they transcend time. A song written 100 years ago can still be applicable and take on a new meaning today. Songs, like people, should evolve, grow and change as time passes. What a song meant to me or to someone else 10 years can take on a whole new meaning and impact someone differently today depending on the season of life they’re experiencing. It’s similar to reading a quote or passage 50 different times and then on the 51st time something about it speaks to you in a completely different, eye-opening way than it ever has before. Songs, music, and art in general, all have that fascinating power. That’s what keeps me reading, writing, listening to and creating music. Getting to share those experiences with the band and with our listeners is a pretty amazing feeling.”

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