Pretty Dark by Flowerbomb out December 18, 2020


pretty dark by [flowerbomb]

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Digital album available Friday December 18th 2020 on all streaming platforms

pretty dark

Available digitally NOW on all streaming platforms. Pre-order vinyl and CD from OFFICIAL STORE, available Spring 2021

Vinyl and CD available for pre-order now at
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(ALEXANDRIA – December) Flowerbomb is a four-piece band from Washington DC. Combining saturated guitars, ornate rhythms, intricate songwriting, and delicately raw lyrics, Flowerbomb creates a soundscape for nostalgia and heavy feelings accompanied with lush layers and dynamic sounds. Their upcoming debut album, Pretty Dark, available digitally December 18th 2020 on Mutineer Records, features nine songs that embody themes of sexuality, gender, trauma, loss, and healing.

Over the course of three years, Flowerbomb engaged in a meticulous writing and production process that culminated in the inception of their debut record, Pretty Dark. Recorded at Bias Studios and The Lab Sound Studio, both located in Northern Virginia, Pretty Dark was engineered and produced collaboratively by Mark Reiter and Flowerbomb drummer and longtime friend, Dan ABH. The record was mixed by Reiter in spring 2020 and mastered by Mike Monseur. Shortly after the completion of Pretty Dark, Flowerbomb was invited to be a part of Mutineer Records, a label founded by Reiter in autumn 2020. This collaboration was built on a shared passion for using art as a tool for engaging with social and political issues, as well as a mutual devotion to keeping the local music community alive. The vinyl and CD release of Pretty Dark will ship in Spring 2021. The digital release of “pretty dark” will be available December 18th, 2020 on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, Tidal, YouTube Music, and more. Listen everywhere here:

About Flowerbomb: Flowerbomb is the brainchild of Rachel Kline, who joined forces with Dan ABH, Nat Brown, and Charles Scheider in the summer of 2015. All four members bringing vastly different influences to the table, Flowerbomb combines elements of shoegaze, punk, alternative, emo, and indie rock to create their signature sound. A fundamental part of recording Pretty Dark  was bringing together these different elements, with specific attention to overall sound, feeling, tones, and production, in order to create a truly unique record. Flowerbomb is locally known for their ability to put on an energetic and authentic live performance. Due to restraints brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the band is currently focusing on new ways to maintain that energy remotely and connect with people from afar. When they’re not playing music, Flowerbomb enjoys eating tater tots, watching bad 90’s sitcoms, and laughing…a lot.

About Mutineer Records: Revolution Music: I don’t believe that music can change the world, but I do believe it can be the soundtrack for moments and people who do change things for the better. Mutineer is a Washington DC based label and we send a portion of every sale to environmental and civil rights organizations. We proceed from Joe Strummer’s notion that “People can change anything they want to, and that means everything in the world.”

The excitement that comes with every new release – whether it’s an album, EP, or single – is just as exhilarating as the first. Founded by Mark Reiter, Mutineer Records, has overseen a number of popular songs and musical collections, and continues to work towards helping the music they love get the exposure they believe it deserves.


flowerbomb. Washington, D.C.. 'pretty dark' is now available on Mutineer Records!