PumpYouUp Releases New Holiday Album, “Christmas Nutcracker Dubstep & Techno Classics”

DALLAS, Oct. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – PumpYouUp, Inc. releases their first published work, a Holiday album with a few darker songs for Halloween and one hour of entertainment via 23 tracks.

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Robert Dede, founder of PumpYouUp, Inc. discusses the state of the music industry and IRFA, their new album, and the state of the PumpYouUp brand. Please search Spotify, GooglePlay, iTunes, Rhapsody, MOG, etc for “Christmas Nutcracker Dubstep,” and grab your headphones to make the reading more impressionable. GooglePlay does include longer samples and a play-all feature.

The New Album: Quickly after the PumpYouUp launch in Oct 2011, PumpYouUp won a 2011 StumbleUpon Holiday Award for their holiday music. Given the popularity with StumbleUpon’s readership, Robert is confident in repeated popularity with additional audiences. Jango fans are growing rapidly and PumpYouUp’s recent advertising has already reached several million listeners. The music was designed to be on the edge of mainstream, liked by male and female, any age. It is Robert’s most heart-felt wish that the news, media, and holiday music lovers give the new album 60 seconds to earn an impression.

The State of the PumpYouUp brand: is progress. PumpYouUp’s goal is to gain increasing organic popularity via music and software.  The Dubstep and Techno traffic currently represent their largest draw. PumpYouUp’s music goals have been realized and growing. Work is under way with mobile/tablet/desktop software and an improved website.  PumpYouUp is not ruling out a Jango/Spotify/Pandora type offering. For more info seePumpYouUp KDAF33 coverage.

The State of Music: Robert has harsh impressions of congress’s competency and little hope for the artist… “Streaming companies and ad-based free music and unlimited music subscriptions have officially devalued music to zero.  Why should a listener buy the album when they can listen for free and streamers can steal such plays for .0001 cents; a slight exaggeration. The method congress and law functions via revolving door lobbyist, the artist cannot be fairly represented.  I sincerely hope future streaming law takes payments to a granular level.”  Robert elaborates with an example; if a streaming customer listens to one indie album 15 times over one month, and thus dominating the play percentage for that month, then that artist should receive significant revenue derived from that listener for that month.  Robert adds, “Unlimited streaming music services are clearly hurting the average artists.  If the dollars don’t work out fairly for the artist, then businesses have to increase the cost of their ads, or premiums, or in someway limit the music or sour the free-music experience.  To take advantage of the minority artist because it’s possible, or is needed by a big business, is blatantly criminal. Taking granularity to the per-listener per-artist per-revenue per-month level is the ONLY FAIR method of making such systems work for the artist.  Pandora’s behavior reminds Robert of how Monsanto took over the world’s food source. Robert explains “Watch the documentary ‘The World According to Monsanto’ and then understand how easy it will be for Pandora and others to Monsanto-ize the artist.  Granted Monsanto’s behavior is the worst possible example I can envision. But the truth in how congress and politics can fail humanity is clear; when related to something as important as our food supply.  My final thought: As the world becomes increasingly efficient with fewer necessary jobs, it’s the intellectual products that take zero planetary resources that seem the least protected and least fostered; when it should be the other-way-around to achieve a sustainable economy into the future.”

Conclusion: Robert thanks all for reading and listening, the PumpYouUp.com site currently offers qualityHalloween music for free download.  All PumpYouUp’s contributing artists would love the exposure.  Many of PumpYouUp’s tracks are also available for download.  As StumbleUpon’s readership clearly appreciated, yours may too.  In this age of legally devalued music, PumpYouUp’s album only has a chance if it gets played for free on Spotify, Rhapsody, etc a million times, and your readership will enjoy the tip and free plays.

Album quick links:

PumpYouUp on iTunes

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CONTACT: Robert Dede of PumpYouUp.com, +1-817-431-8470, or (M) +1-817-996-4015,robert@pumpyouup.com