Pura Racha

Pura Racha is an independent tango group with an urban pulse and poetics. It has a chamber music formation made up of a cello, a bandoneon, a piano, a double bass, and a singer, and it goes for a new repertoire with a current sound.
Pura Racha performs tangos and milongas with original compositions and arrangements, with a style that is both solid and straight-forward. Paying homage to traditional musical roots and with an eye on the city and the XXI century life, Pura Racha presents its first record: “Buenos Aires Subterránea” (“Underground Buenos Aires”), which includes eight tangos and milongas, mixing vocal and instrumental tracks.
“Buenos Aires Subterránea” offers a walk around the city, from uptown and downtown, a stroll that will allow listeners to hear every urban and suburban story the city tells.

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