Rachael Sage Is 2020 Ready With New Single ‘Both Hands’ And Album ‘Character’

Rachael Sage Is 2020 Ready With New Single ‘Both Hands’ And Album ‘Character’

The new year is here and it’s full of musical cheer for Rachael Sage, who is 2020 ready with her new single ‘Both Hands and album ‘Character’.

The first wave of releases comes in the form of single ‘Both Hands’ set for release on January 10th, 2020. Originally a song released by folk/pop icon Ani DiFranco, Rachael’s fresh, string-quartet take on it is not only musically unexpected but also a full-circle moment. Having long been inspired by DiFranco, Rachael’s very first tour experience was opening for her, and Ani encouraged Rachael to adhere to her vision both as an indie artist and as a fellow label owner.

Ani’s intimately acoustic song re-connected with Rachael on an even deeper level last year. While undergoing treatment after her 2018 cancer diagnosis, she listened to the song as part of a playlist that kept her “determined and strong”, which solidified her idea of including it on ‘Character’.

The second wave of releases comes in the form of album ‘Character’ set for release on March 6th, 2020. ‘Character’ features diverse material that Rachael created over the past year as she began to process her 2018 cancer diagnosis and recovery. Co-produced by Rachael and Grammy® winner Andy Zulla (Kelly Clarkson, Rod Stewart) the tracks were recorded by engineer Mikhail Pivovarov at both Carriage House Studios and her home studio in NYC.

An inspirational tribute to survivorship, the collection delves into concepts such as identity, compassion, authenticity, optimism, and mindfulness. As Rachael confesses, “I don’t think I understood the full meaning of the word ‘character’ until I was suddenly required to redefine my own…if there is a silver lining in all of this, it’s that I have a much deeper relationship with gratitude.”

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Rachael Attending 2020 Folk Alliance International Conference The annual Folk Alliance International Conference will be held in New Orleans, LA from January 22 – 26 and Rachael will be there! She’ll perform at various showcases during the conference and her self-owned label, MPress Records , will also host a showcase for other independent artists (official schedule TBA.)