Rachael Sage Stuns with live version of ‘Umru Mayne’ ahead of ‘Bravery’s on Fire’ release

Rachael Sage Stuns with live version of ‘Umru Mayne’ ahead of ‘Bravery’s on Fire’ release

Following the release of her new album PseudoMyopia, Rachel Sage has treated us to live performances of her genuine and thought-provoking songwriting style.

Latest offering PseudoMyopia is an imaginative collection of acoustic reworks of the tracks from Myopia – allowing her poignant lyrics to take center stage, unencumbered as they are by the minimal instrumentation on these new arrangements. The lyrical content of this album is a unique blending of advisory life lessons and introspection as Sage explores the concept of vision, including the notion of short-sightedness, an issue very close to Sage’s heart.

Legally blind without glasses or contact lenses, Rachael Sage digs deeper than the mere physical on her latest record and discusses themes such as narrow-mindedness, isolation, and judgment in her intellectual songs.

This album is a collaboration with Vision Aid Overseas, something which means that album sales will provide eye tests and free glasses to low- and mid-income countries, rendering her musical vision (no pun intended) fully rounded and realized in real-life contexts as well as in her art.

Following on from her album, Rachael has released another song titled ‘Bravery’s on Fire’, which details her struggles with uterine cancer. All proceeds from this single will go towards women’s cancer research.

An impressive live performer, catch Rachael performing her track Umru Mayne to an exclusive and intimate audience below. Also, listen to the audio for ‘Bravery’s on Fire’, all proceeds from which will go towards women’s cancer research.

‘Umru Mayne’ live performance: www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEZ5k5fypbQ&feature=youtu.be

‘Bravery’s on Fire’ audio: www.youtube.com/watch?v=72e3vtSzozw&list=OLAK5uy_nCbEosY-u-yUi_yyt2lSyZ_rFx76YnU0w