Rachael Sage unleashes ‘Character’ – her most personal album yet

Rachael Sage unleashes ‘Character’ – her most personal album yet

Rachael Sage’s latest album shows her at her most introspective and grateful. Written in the wake of a cancer diagnosis, treatment period, and recovery, Character is full to the brim with songs of bravery, gratitude, compassion, authenticity, and optimism.

In Sage’s words, the album was “fuelled by my cancer experience, but ultimately it’s a universal musical meditation on both physical and spiritual forms of resilience.”

Amongst her influences for this album and the rest of her impressive oeuvre of work, Rachael Sage includes Buddy Holly, Carole King, Elvis Costello, Suzanne Vega, Kris Kristofferson, Howard Jones, Sinead O’Connor, Loreena McKennitt, Crowded House, and Maria McKee. More recent inspirations would include Passenger, Hozier, JP Hoe, and Beth Hart. These people all have something in common – beautiful storytelling within their lyrics in a way which is both familiar and inventive.

Despite her life being as upturned as everyone else on the planet right now, she remains positive. “I am hoping to tour the album more both in the UK and US, and then record a new album of spoken word/jazz compositions I’ve been working on lately. I’ll also be continuing to support other artists on my label MPress Records, and we have several new records in the works, including full albums by Grace Pettis and A Fragile Tomorrow.”

Rachael Sage’s newfound reverence for music as a tool for healing is all too clear on tracks such as ‘Bravery’s On Fire’, written during Sage’s recovery, or the title track ‘Character’. She constantly tests herself and her resilience through her creative lyricism, putting herself and her bravery on trial in the wake of some of the most challenging storms that a person could ever be asked to weather.

Character represents a turning point in Rachael’s long and impressive career. Listening to this record means listening to Sage revel in appreciation of the talents she has been blessed with, and use them again on this twelve-song record to spread the unadulterated joy and gratitude she now feels at the simple joy of being alive.