Randy MC Releases Revolutionary Fusion EP “#StartAsianLove”

Los Angeles, CA – Conservatory-trained pianist, singer-songwriter, music director, arranger, and teacher of Western Art and Contemporary Commercial Music, Randy Martono-Chai-best known as Randy MC-releases revolutionary fusion EP, “#StartAsianLove,” now streaming on all major platforms.

Randy MC releases his latest EP, “#StartAsianLove.” The multifaceted EP tackles major cultural issues within the Asian community. The EP’s title includes a hashtag, which Randy MC believes is an appropriate response to the surging hate crimes against Asian-Americans; it represents the ways in which his fellow Asian brothers and sisters have been exoticized, alienated, and made to feel inferior by Western standards. With “StartAsianlove,” Randy MC hopes to normalize what it means to be Asian in the Western world.

The story behind the cover art for “#StartAsianLove” is as compelling as its title. Recently, Dr. Seuss’ once renowned children’s book, “And to Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street,” was pulled from publication due to its racist Asian imagery. As a creative response to that, Randy MC took a look at the caricature in the book, posed as the image, and hired an amazing artist to produce a wonderful rendition-shedding a positive light on the original depiction.

Many of Randy MC’s friends were involved in the creative process of “#StartAsianLove.” From Northern Virginia to Nashville, and New Orleans to California, there resides a melting pot of inspiration within “StartAsianLove.” After recording the first few songs from the EP in Winchester, Virginia, where he lived at the time, he decided to take the adventure on the road. He visited places he’d never been before, like Baltimore, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Savannah, Orlando-to name a few!

“I got to compare my experiences from childhood at Disneyland to my recent experiences in Disney World, last year. The most spectacular of all places-besides Disney World in Florida and the camping grounds of Savannah, Georgia-is New Orleans: a city that embraces musicians. There, I spent time making friends with the locals-including the drum circle libations hosted by the Congo Square Preservation Society, in Louis Armstrong Park,” shares Randy MC.

“NOLA is a city rich with culture. From the eclectic kinds of music you will hear everywhere in town, to the local delicacies and Creole dishes: There is a great blend of cultural influences from Spain, Portugal, and Africa, to the communities of the Creole, Cajun, and Native American peoples,” he explains.

Born in Taiwan and raised in Southern California, Randy MC is a modern and diverse artist that is changing the music game one note at a time. After spending seven years in Virginia and then soaking up flavors of the South for an entire season back in 2020, Randy MC returned to SoCal to put the finishing touches on his upcoming EP, “#StartAsianLove.” Much of Randy MC’s compositional and playing style reflects various influences from Southern cultures.

Driven by his desire to motivate, inspire, comfort, and spread love and joy to all those around him, Randy MC developed a deep passion for all types of music at a young age. Dedicating much of his youth towards singing in numerous chords, ranging from community to State Honor Choir, he also played keyboard and woodwind for various instrumental ensembles, including Big Band and Wind Ensemble.

Randy MC’s training continued at Shenandoah Conservatory, where he most notably made history by joining a select group of scholars who earned dual Bachelor of Music Degrees, studying both Performance and Jazz Studies; he specialized in classical music, jazz, and musical theatre. He is adept at playing four musical instruments, including flute, piccolo, piano, and organ. His sound is always evolving, as he is truly the embodiment of originality.

For more than a decade now, Randy MC has been performing, producing, directing, teaching, and coaching other artists throughout California, West Virginia, and the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. He has a knack for arranging and orchestrating musical scores, and he offers online and in-home music lessons, as well as coaching for artists of all levels.

In addition to the release of his EP containing a brand new single, “To Know You,” on October 24, 2021, Randy MC will release his first studio album, “Dimpleface,” in early 2022.

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Listen to #StartAsianLove on Spotify. Randy MC · Single · 2021 · 6 songs.

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Listen to #StartAsianLove on Spotify. Randy MC · Single · 2021 · 6 songs.