Rapper TCvsChanze Releases Captivating Single Featuring Jamaal Marvel

Breakout artist TCvsChanze announces a new single titled ‘Saturday Night Lights.’ This new single features Jamaal Marvel, a talented hip-hop artist, and is available on all digital music streaming platforms.

Talented Hip hop artist TCvsChanze releases a new vibe & energetic style single titled ‘Saturday Night Lights’ featuring Jamaal Marvel. The single features a mix of energetic and soothing beats that stunned listeners. TCvsChanze and Jamaal Marvel impressed anyone to feel enlivened and enthralled with ‘Saturday Night Lights.’ “I’m proud of announcing our new single ‘Saturday Night Lights.’ Jamaal Marvel has an amazing voice. I hope you enjoy our new song and enliven your day .” Said TCvsChanze, a rapper born in New York.

‘Saturday Night Lights’ is a new song that has enthralling lyrics and mesmerizing beat composition. This song is trending on Tiktok, with over 20k people already using the sound. The ‘Saturday Night Lights’ music video youtu.be/5dXjvfgshQQ will be premiered on BET jams on Dec 14th. The video showcases amazing performances and energetic dance from two artists TCvsChanze and Jamaal Marvel.

TCvsChanze is a talented hip-hop artist born in New York and grew up in North Carolina. She has released various singles from 2020. Her latest singles, ’ Saturday Night Lights’ and ‘Novacaine’, are out now. The singles are available on Spotify and all music streaming platforms. TCvsChanze has shown his talent since a young age. She started competing as a slam poet in 2008, then started incorporating her poems into music. TCvsChanze’s music was inspired by Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco, which is when she came out with her debut single” First Class Chick. “

About TCvsChanze
TCvsChanze is a rising US hip-hop artist with a stunning voice. She was born in New York and grew up in North Carolina. Moreover, TCvsChanze has been in the professional music industry for many years and has released captivating singles and music videos. Her 2020 successful singles include ‘Breakup Call’, ‘Do You Mind’, and ‘Truth’. And her 2021 singles include ‘Dark Side Freestyle’, ‘Saturday Night Lights’, and ‘Novacaine’. TCvsChanze has worked with numerous artists in several projects and was a part of a collaboration mix-tape called ‘Introduction to the masterminds’ that Featured New York artists; Talented Blake, Cookie Malone, and VA native Lamont Lawrence. In 2014 TCvsChanze took a step back from rap music to work and co-founded the acapella group, Vocal Harmony. For more information about TCvsChanze and her latest single, ‘Saturday Night Lights’, please visit open.spotify.com/track/7AJoByk7VWoOLWgdUXqwe3?si=WhtHb5LhTwe2IMu6Glpqvw and her Instagram page @tcvschanze.

Saturday Night Lights

Listen to Saturday Night Lights on Spotify. TCvsChanze · Song · 2021.