Real Music Real Pain


Real Music Real Pain
He approaches his future with a determination, vitality and dynamism causing the music industry to take notice and his fans to respect and crave his music. When asked who is Jaime and where is he going? His reply was, “ I must say that my future endeavors in this industry are to be the best artist/composer that God would allow me to be. Also, to be very successful in opening up future doors for not only other musicians but people that have great talents in other fields that can be beneficial to the industry; whether it is film, photography, video, management, booking, publicist…etc”. He continued on to say,” Things that touches my inner being would be reflecting on my past and how far I have come. The things I have witnessed, and what trials & tribulations I’ve been through as a person, not an artist; and how much it makes me understand and value the simple things of/in life. My parents and family are strong supporters of me and my career

Originally known as Jamie Kennell, JaLi was born in Columbus, Georgia but moved to Phenix City, Alabama to spend his childhood. Since a child many considered JaLi an old soul which would later reflect in many of his songs and writing’s . JaLi’s love for music began where many great R&B legends story began . In his church choir at the age of seven and until this day when he is home (Alabama) he continues to attend that same childhood church with his mother on Sundays. While a junior at Central High School in Phenix City, Alabama he was a member of a trio called Unkut . After performing a few local shows a member of the group felt his heart was no longer in it so the group severed their ties and branched out to seek who they truly were as individuals .

JaLi branched out taking gigs here and there , until a friend of his introduced him to a A.R at Interscope Records not really thinking much of it JaLi continued on preforming here and there never giving up that one day “THAT” call would come .So to your surprise the day he got a call from Interscope the emotions and thankfulness all the hard work and dedication seemed to had finally paid off . Within six months JaLi moved out to Atlanta to work with the label. A lot of paper work was done with the label company before he relocated to LA to continue his singing career. He joined a group signed to Geffen/Interscope called Red-Dirt in 2007 and together they worked on a project for his first CD. Los Angeles would be that city that has stuck with JaLi the city that presented the young inspiring artist with many challenges and enlightenment about the music industry and further push his creative talent in also inclusive of writing song and so much more.

The love for” REAL MUSIC” inspires JaLi to write lyrics of love, soul searching, and inspiration. He gives credit to Tank for helping him to develop his skills in writing music.The drive of JaLi’s ambition is to keep the old sound with a new flare of lyrics. We are losing songs with meaningful, comprehensible and longevity to withstand the test of time. man who keeps the connection to our great singers of past and present alive with flavor for all to appreciate.