“Return to Love” LP by We are Vibrational Beings

Vibrantly electrified in “You’ll Always Know,” psychedelically-tinged in “Line Through Space” and as rustic as they are surreal in “Seeing the World Without Filters,” the guitar parts in We Are Vibrational Beings’ Return to Love aren’t the only expressive element in the album, but they’re most definitely at the foundation of some of its greatest songs (the aforementioned trio among them). We Are Vibrational Beings seek to awaken the world from a commercially-induced slumber that has kept us further apart culturally than we should be, and in their new LP, they showcase material that designed to soundtrack their revolution (whilst stimulating all of your senses at the same time).

The vocals in “I Was Waking Up,” “Wake Up Call” (spoken word), the title track and “Footsteps in the Attic of My Mind” are made all the more vibrant by the instrumental backdrop they’re afforded in each of these songs, and personally, I think that the compositional balance created between the singer and the rest of the band plays an immeasurably big role in making Return to Love as memorable a listen as it undeniably is. We Are Vibrational Beings weren’t content to construct something engagingly fluid here; they want us to connect with every component in the music, taking something special away from every textured harmony we encounter between “Wake Up Call” and “Song for the Morning.”

There’s emotionality most everywhere we look and listen in Return to Love, but in “Somebody’s Something,” “Greater Than Fear,” “Everything Comes from the Silence” and “Everybody’s Waiting,” I felt like the heartfelt investment of the individual players was impossible for even the most novice of critical ears to ignore. The passion between these musicians is evident from the get-go in this album, but in some moments, it’s hard for me to believe that this is but their first official set of studio recordings together.

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As far as production quality is concerned, Return to Love is pretty solid and tight from beginning to end, and while it’s got a couple of tracks – such as “Your Little Piece of the Sky” and “Line Through Space” – that have a little more polish on them than what was necessary (in my view, at least), I can appreciate what We Are Vibrational Beings were going for just the same. They definitely weren’t holding back or playing stingy behind the soundboard, and while some might look at their basic formula as being a bit much for mainstream audiences, I think their motivations were grounded more in giving us the full depth of their sound as opposed to making something slicker than it needed to be.

I had never heard of the We Are Vibrational Beings project before getting referred to this debut album from an industry colleague, but I’ll definitely be looking out for more of their material as they find their footing in the game. Return to Love is a very evocative, highly surreal effort that I would recommend to anyone who loves smooth psychedelic melodicism, and moreover, those who could use a little outside of the box thinking this season.

Clay Burton