Review: Tedi Brunetti “The Queen Of Pittsburgh”

Experienced singer, songwriter, bandleader and drummer Tedi Brunetti returns with her second solo album, the fittingly named “The Queen Of Pittsburgh,” a full album that displays just why she deserves the moniker.

Tedi Brunetti has been around for a long time, drumming with notable acts like Eloise Laws and B-Girls. Now with the help of Dean Sargent of Blue Oyster Cult came in the co-producer seat, she’s released “The Queen Of Pittsburgh,” a throwback to the good old days of 1970s style blues and rock.

Opening the album is Eat, Sleep, Repeat, is a wonderful song that instantly showcases Brunetti’s strength as a performer. It’s a very slow groove, as Brunetti’s gravelly yet smooth voice take the spotlight. The hook is infectious, burrowing into the listener’s head and nesting comfortably.

The excellence continues with the next few songs as well. “Evil Woman” takes the listener down a more relaxed, almost Santana-like jam as Brunetti gives a more soulful performance. “When You’re From Pittsburgh” is another fun tune that simultaneously serves as a love letter to Pittsburgh as well as just a nice song to dance to.

Catchy basslines take over on the song “Same Old Blues” as booming drums back the track up. Brunetti keeps up her great vocal performances with a commanding showing here. Right after, “White Man Dancing” comes in with trumpets giving the song a smooth and classy tone that’s an album highlight.

“My True Story” switches things up a bit, both topically and musically. The song is about Brunetti discussing a run-in with the law, which is a fascinating angle for a song. It then delivers an incredible sax solo in the middle of the song, which paired with the fantastic hooks makes it one of the best songs on the entire album.

We then get the title track, “The Queen of Pittsburgh.” Bringing back the trumpets, it introduces a driving bass and drum groove that would fit on any great blues album. These are paired with some tasty guitar and great lines like “I won’t stop kicking ass until they make me Queen of Pittsburgh” make for a truly memorable track.

The album closes out with “Something’s Cooking” which Is one of the lighter tracks on the record. It’s still a very fun tune however, and it plays out like the end of a show, which fits the album perfectly.

“The Queen Of Pittsburgh” is a wonderful album, one that cannot be missed by any fan of older 70s style blues rock. It’s a huge love letter to that era of music, and every single track delivers with aplomb. Sheer old school excellence, and we can’t wait for more from Tedi Brunetti.

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