Rocco Toldo Melissari

Rocco Toldo Melissari

Rocco’s Bio
Discover Rocking Rocco the Singer-songwriter with a unique music style connecting with a soulful voice bringing new music to life from Rock & love to Christian / gospel.
Having a purpose in a belief like God Our Creator, It’s a Great honor to be given the gift of music to share to stand up and have a voice for others, Music can help us reach higher taking what you love can inspire us to do better.
Drawing from my musical & lyrical Inspiration from a Core of Music & spiritual, to tell a story to share from personal experience for others to relate with.
As early as I can remember I know I was goner be A Singer in the music Industry and their many steps to take and Hurdles in life.

The Song Bio
A powerful Rock song about the passion for music and re-finding yourself to sing with new energy to reach higher, Share how music can change people how to treat others. bringing this song to life.
to reach higher taking what you love how music can inspire us to do better.


I Want to Make Music

I Want to Make Music, an album by Rocco Toldo Melisssari on Spotify

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The song can be purchased at my site or Google Play, I Tunes, Apple Music.

Thank you, God Bless.

Rocco Bringing Music To Life

Roccos Music ,Singer Song Writer share his Soulful Touching Voice . New Music Videos Hit Songs from love & Rock to Christian Gospel Rock music