Safeer Mahdi and Spirit Dance re-release 2005 Album Titled ‘Mystical Travels’.

The album’ Mystical Travels’ features instrumental music of Safeer Mahdi’s on flute and percussion. It will take the listeners into the mystical journey of Safeer Mahdi and Spiritual Dance self-healing music.

Spiritual and self-healing musician Safeer Mahdi and Spirit Dance announce the re-release 2005 Album Titled ‘Mystical Travels.’ The album was released in 2005, featuring instrumental music of Safeer Mahdi’s and Spirit Dance that brought listeners into a spiritual journey of multi-ethnicity world music and dance. ‘Mystical Travels’ is a genius music composition of Safeer Mahdi and Spirit Dance. The musical composition heals and upgrades the mind, body, and spirit for long-lasting well-being.

‘Mystical Travels’ is a Safeer Mahdi and Spirit Dance album released in 2005. The album has an enthralling musical composition and multicultural musical instruments of Safeer Mahdi on flute & percussions and Danii Odudua on drums, vocals, and percussions. The songs in the ‘Mystical Travels’ album include ‘Mystical Travels’, ‘One with Nature’, ‘Eagle on The Wing’, ‘Dinner is Ready’, ‘Middle Passage’, ‘The Illusion of Time’, ‘Pathways to Joy’, ‘Pyramid Magic’, ‘Pharaoh’s Chamber’, ‘Totally Mean Latin Soul’, ‘Transform to Love’, ‘Gateway to Brazil’, ‘Drum Rap’, and ‘Wanlyn’s Love’.

‘Mystical Travels’ album has 14 songs that take listeners ready to chill, immersed in the mystical journey of Safeer Mahdi and Spirit Dance’s brilliant musical composition. Songs in the album have successfully blended the indigenous primal music of Africa, the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Asia, North America, and The Middle East.

“The instruments in the ‘Mystical Travels’ can take you to peace of mind, balancing mind, body, and spirit throughout the day. It is a perfect album accompaniment for meditation, mindfulness, and yoga.” said Safeer Mahdi.

About Safeer Mahdi and Spirit Dance
Safeer Mahdi and Spirit Dance is a musician specializing in wellness music and healing/stress management programs. He is the founder of New Day Healing, a platform of World music, Awakening Radio, and Self-healing. Wellness program with self-healing musical instruments is an effective way for stress management, productivity, enhanced focus and wellness. Safeer Mahdi and Spirit Dance strive to produce more stunning wellness music for listeners around the world. Their music is available on the global music streaming providers and New Day Healing website. For more information about Safeer Mahdi and Spirit Dance’s re-release album ‘Mystical Travels’, please visit or their Spotify link

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