Sasha Siem aims to remind us to reconnect with the inner spirit we have in us all

Sasha Siem aims to remind us to reconnect with the inner spirit we have in us all

“We’re shutting out the spirit in our society,” says Sasha Siem, one of the youngest recipients of the British Composer Award, “no matter what we’ve been through, there’s always a part of us that’s whole… it’s always holy.”

With her latest album, British-Norweigan composer Sasha Siem aims to remind us to reconnect with the inner spirit we have in us all. As the year begins to wind down and we take stock of events of 2019, October is the perfect time to settle down with the relaxing and other-worldly sounds of Sasha Siem’s new album, Holy.

Recorded in the infamous “love frequency”, 432Hz, Holy is an exploration of Siem’s reconnecting to her inner spirit from a new place in her life – motherhood. In fact, the opener, ‘Flower Flower’ is dedicated to her baby son, a “playful” song about finding creative flow after being rigid with her time management for so long. The biological impact of her songs is equal to that of the emotional tug of the lyrics. Recording the album in this frequency gives Siem’s latest work a holistic feel, reflecting her holistic approach to wellness and spirituality perfectly.

Of this album, Sasha has spoken about it helping her to help others. She has been inspired to work on her own psyche, which in turn allows her to “be a really positive beacon in the bigger scheme of things,” says Siem of the way in which this album has been a healing force for her. It’s something she is determined to pass along, something which can be seen in performances such as her intimate women’s gathering in a church in Fitzrovia.

The album as a whole is “bathed in beatific love” and maybe the perfect way to settle into the meditative colder months of the year, as well as celebrate the spirituality of October.

Watch the intimate performance of ‘Eve Eyed’ here:


I recently hosted an intimate gathering of women at Fitzrovia Chapel – a gilded chapel hidden in the heart of London. The purpose of the evening was to celebrate our femininity through sound, song, and story. The women arrive wearing white as requested and are offered rose tea before settling onto a sheepskin rug.

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Welcome to my homepage. I found one of my first homes in song and the sacred power of song. Alchemy happens through music. Gateways open for us to transcend our limitations and experience life “in tune” with ourselves. Music has changed me.