Save Ferris

Photo of performer

Saint Louis born rapper / producer Save Ferris creates songs that are often driven by his mellow flow & classic production.
Ferris’ sound is known for his own lo-fi production & simplistic way of storytelling.
One constant that remains through all of his music is his ability to move the listener.
Born “Ethan Healey” Ferris began releasing music online under the alias Save Ferris, inspired by the classic 1986 John Hughes hit film “Ferris Buller’s Day Off”. While his initial love from music stemmed from all kinds of genres it wasn’t until he was 16 when he discovered passion Hip-hop. Influenced by the 90’s classic Boom-Bap sound, Ferris began as a local beat maker.

While perusing the art of production he began writing to his own style of beats, thus giving birth to the Saint Louis artist.