06 SEPTEMBER 2021 – American singer Sellah has today unveiled “FALL IN LOVE” Music Video, the lead single from his next coming up EP.

“Rising R&B/HipHop artist” – PAPER Magazine

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Sellah – Fall In Love (Official Music Video)

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Fall In Love by Sellah

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The release of “Fall In Love” follows the success of his previous release “Thinking Bout’ You” (Frank Ocean’s Cover).

With this new material, Sellah shares his extraordinary journey through life in South Africa, where he finally found his truth after years of struggles, navigating in the darkness of the music, fashion industry and his personal life.

“South Africa is where I accepted myself”

This video is the perfect representation of the caterpillar becoming a strong butterfly discovering its unconditional freedom. “Falling in love with Self and accepting and light and darker polarities of my personalities was my hardest challenge, but I am finally here”

After spending over a year solely dedicated to his music, developing what he can call his own sound, a mixture between The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Childish Gambino with a refreshing tint of Michael Jackson.

Sellah is a multi-talented artist across music and fashion with some notable collaborations such as his voice being in the 2017 “Mr Clean” Superbowl TV commercial. He’s signed under an international brand management called “Fan Jam” where he worked with brands such as NIKE, Reebok, GQ, Cosmopolitan, ELLE Magazine, GAP, Rolling Stone, Ralph Lauren, Gucci and more. Sellah is also in a international reality documentary called The Beautiful People TV showing currently in Africa and The Netherlands where he had six cameramen following and documenting his day to day for seven months.

“Fall In Love” is the beginning of this new thrilling adventure, the first chapter of a long story. Welcome to his blueprint.

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