Shameless Rob Band’s (SRB) First Single Release, “Whiskey River Blues”


Shameless Rob Band’s (SRB) First Single Release, “Whiskey River Blues”

Seattle, WA – Shameless Rob Band’s first single, Whiskey River Blues was written by Shameless Rob as a tribute to the contributions of Jim Morrison and The Doors. Shameless Rob once visited Jim Morrison’s gravesite while in Paris. He was surprised to see that Jim Morrison died on July 3rd, which was also Shameless Rob’s birthday.

Years later as his band finally started to take shape, Shameless Rob wanted his first single release to be that of Whiskey River Blues. Weeks after Whiskey River Blues was recorded during the mixing process, Shameless Rob explained that the band unknowingly finished recording Whiskey River Blues exactly 41 years to the hour of Jim Morrison’s death. “So crazy, but during mixing it dawned on me as I looked at the engineer and said, ‘no way!’ I realized exactly 41 years after Jim Morrison’s death my first single, Whiskey River Blues was born. When I wrote this song it was originally named, My Morrison Blues.

So here’s a guy I can relate to who seemed to be a ‘penny poet’ at heart. Jim was not willing to settle for anything less than doing what he was meant to do. It was like he had this pressing need to break free of religious, political and social constraints. In a way, Jim built wings with his words and music that transcended human confinement.”

Shameless Rob’s music blends different genres and stylistic elements, attempting to mesh acoustic folk, rock, blues, country and pop rhythms with edgy alternative arrangements. Shameless Rob’s Band members consists of Frank Outhet on lead acoustic and electric guitar, violin, mandolin and background vocals; Mark Schornack performing bass guitar; Markus Kamp playing percussions and backing vocals, and Shameless Rob as lead vocalist and acoustic guitarist.