Shaun Mykals – Smooth R&B

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The classic vocals of Shaun Mykals bring to mind eras when iconic singers such as Marvin Gaye and Luther Vandross ruled the airwaves, but the music of Shaun Mykals is more than hopeful reminiscing. His music is a movement. Shaun’s sound is best described as the combination of soul satisfying, precise, power-packed, rhythm and blues music. His video, “Cold World,” was voted Best New Video of the Week by BET’Js viewers and currently, Shaun Mykal’s music can be heard on digital radio broadcasts throughout the United States. Although he studied music in undergraduate school and toured the U.S., the Caribbean, Japan, and the Czech Republic, it was his performance as a background vocalist with Patti LaBelle that brought him to the attention of 710 Muzic Group President, Natacia Harrison. “When I first heard Shaun, it was during a time when I wasn”t even thinking of managing another artist. But after hearing his voice and seeing his stage presence, I quickly made the decision to see him all the way to the top.” Shaun Mykals is currently working on his long anticipated project with 710 Muzic Group while still performing throughout the U.S. and Europe. Shaun stays focused on his career in music, “This is one of the most challenging careers to break into and maintain, but my desire to please the people that want to hear me and create a balance in the industry musically keeps me working hard. I honestly love what I do and am grateful to everyone that has supported me.” When the music movement of Shaun Mykals comes to where you are, be sure to be there. 

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