Shock Radar releases new single “Live Like Lions”


Shock Radar releases new single “Live Like Lions”
NEWSFLASH: New York based singer/songwriter/composer/producer Lee Diamond just released his latest Single “Live Like Lions” (2012) under his musical project moniker “SHOCK RADAR.”

by Joshua Beach
edited by Cyrus

Introduction/Bio: This is the latest from songster Lee Diamond “Live Like Lions” After doing my initial research I discovered Diamond one of those writers whose been below the radar for many years. I discovered Diamond has worked as a session musician for members of The Verve, Stabbing Westward, Small Black and The Slits. After touring and recording for acts like The Feud, Aerial Love Feed/Rockethouse, and Blood City, he is now giving life to his own material as a singer and composer. What’s more The eccentric artistic styling of Shock Radar’s ‘Post-Pop’ songs are fresh and unique. Born and raised in NY where he worked at several record stores till attending Boston’s Berklee College of Music on scholarship, and further studying art and journalism at New School University, Lee J Diamond has climbed his way to the top of the city’s music scene, simply doing what he does best, mixing and playing all styles from around the world. His live band plays frequently around Manhattan, or you can follow his musical endeavors via 27 Productions.

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Single Review: Right from the start of “Live Like Lions” will remind you of past musical acts like Mad Season, Green River, Audioslave, Mudhoney and Well Water Conspiracy. Musical styles presented: straight ahead Alternative Rock, Melodic-Alternative Grunge and Ambient-Orchestral Metal. However credit must be given to the straight forward pen of paper musical delivery as Diamond manages to serve up a grand vocal performance that reminded me of Trent Reznor. Because of this the song mans up rapidly and sets you on a thought provoking musical journey. As you might expect, in true Alternative Rock fashion the piece strategically goes against the grain with impressive off time drum rhythms and guitar riff curve balls. The opening seconds of this single really make the mark and the Chorus ups the ante with impressive musical accents and a witty intellect. Despite the quirky sonic ending, it’s painfully interesting with its thick languorous slice of Alternative Ambience that mystifies the ears. Did I mention the amazing guitar solo? Whilst only a completest would want hear every second of this track, there is more than enough to interest the casual purchaser. It’s hard to deny kudos to Diamond who would have been a Platinum Recording artist if the year was 1991 – without a doubt.

Bottom Line: Shock Radar “Live Like Lions” delivers a unique and highly entertaining song that shines with a brilliance compared to a priceless gem. One would be wise to keep a watchful eye on Shock Radar and I honestly can’t wait to hear more material soon. As an experienced songwriter with a unique skill Lee Diamond knows how to push the right buttons of a starved legion fans hungary for Rock n Roll.