“Show Me You” (single) by surging Dynamyte

With a quick mic-check and a click of the drums, a slow galloping groove welcomes us with open arms into the warmth of “Show Me You,” the new single from a newly-solo Dynamyte (known prior to now as the Marisa in indie favorites Michael & Marisa), and as the track begins to unfold out of the fragments of an ashy melody, it will be this very rhythm that keeps us edge of our seats more than anything else will. Dynamyte definitely sounds like someone who has opened for top tier performers like Ariana Grande and Christina Perri – just two name a couple of the bigger players – in “Show Me You,” which by all accounts is one of the better debut releases to come out of the pop underground in 2020 so far.

The further downstream we get in the river of rhythm and tonality that “Show Me You” becomes, the harder it is for anyone who digs a swing beat to disregard the percussion as being just another component in the multi-geared construction of the hook. The beats speak their own language in this single, and though they complement the depth of the lyricism quite well, they don’t exist purely to advance the poetic narrative Dynamyte is singing to us. There’s an independent aspect to the relationship between the groove and the grind of melodies in this track that can’t be overlooked, and among critics like myself, it’s going to win this musician a lot of praise in 2020.

Show Me You

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“Show Me You” wraps up with the same amount of fireworks that it first gets us going with, but even though it disappears all too suddenly into the silence at the end of its nearly three-minute running time, it doesn’t feel incomplete or shorter than it should have been at all. In her first single apart from the Michael & Marisa (unless you count Michael, a.k.a. MkX, producing the song), Dynamyte delivers the goods for indie fans ready and waiting for something exciting to come around in the pop genre this year, and although we’ve only got her collaborative work to compare this to, something tells me that won’t be the case for very long. This kind of talent is in high demand these days, and there’s no debating that. Although Michael & Marisa are on solo career paths these two came together and completely knocked it out of the park.

Clay Burton