Singer/Songwriter Annette Adler Releases “Mama Proud” LP

Annette Adler blends the wisdom of motherhood with her classic Americana sound on her new album Mama Proud. Dedicated to her sons and to the memory of her mother and mother-in-law, Mama Proud celebrates the complexities and joys of motherhood. Adler effortlessly sings about her experiences of being a parent, often pulling back the curtain on what moms are truly feeling. So often part of being a parent is staying strong for your family even when you don’t have the energy to. Adler expertly shines a light on those emotions with her breezy melodies and wholesome lyrics. The influences of Folk and Americana bring Adler’s empowering songs to life while maintaining her artistry. With wise lyrics, personal experiences, and an otherworldly warmth Mama Proud has something for everyone.


Adler’s voice immediately strikes me on opening track “Mama Proud,” it’s a cross between Joni Mitchell and the twang of Loretta Lynn. There’s a timelessness to Adler’s voice that makes Mama Proud feel like it will never go out of style. There is a youthful spirit to Mama Proud that is fueled by Adler’s impeccable vocal performance. Her joyous and effortless vocal range reaches for your heart and soul and doesn’t let go until the song is over. When Adler belts her voice is reminiscent of a bygone era. Tracks like “Moments I Take” and “Mama Proud” showcase how well suited Adler’s voice is for sunny Americana tracks. Whether Adler leans into Folk, Americana, or Island influenced tracks her sweet voice seems to elevate every song. Mama Proud is an album full of songs that will fill your heart with warmth, nostalgia, and wisdom because of Adler’s joyous performance. Her charismatic voice makes every song on Mama Proud dynamic and vivacious. The love for her sons cannot be missed.

While Mama Proud is such a personal album for Adler there is something remarkably accessible about it. Not once do you feel like you’re listening to something that wasn’t meant for you. Its within this celebration of her sons and her experiences that Mama Proud becomes so relatable. While no one shares the same relationship with their families or mothers, there is still a lesson on love that is easy to relate to on Mama Proud. Adler keeps her lyrics simplistic and honest making every track a relatable expression of her heart. Title track “Mama Proud” is an encouraging anthem about always being true to who are. “Mama Proud” houses deep wisdom on how to live ones life and to never lose sight of who you are in the face of the world. It balances words of encouragement with a sense of being seen that reminded me of my mother’s own advice to me.

The inherent power of Adler’s Mama Proud is that it makes you think of your own experiences as an adult, child, or simply by reminding you of things your parents have taught you. Adler reflects on the magical mysteries of pregnancy on “All the Answers,” highlighting a perspective on what its like to wonder about the child that’s growing inside you. While the song stretches past pregnancy, Adler isn’t afraid to comment on the uncertainty of life and the unknown path that her children will walk. “All the Answers” is a beautiful track that will make you think about your own journey in life and the effect it had on those around you. This universal quality penetrates every song on the album creating a stirring listening experience.

Mama Proud

Listen to Mama Proud on Spotify. Annette Adler · Album · 2022 · 7 songs.

Annette Adler will make you reflect on your own life and family on her new album Mama Proud. Whether you come out of album with a new appreciation for your parents or feel a sense of strength from Adler’s wisdom, Mama Proud will enchant your heart. With sun-drenched melodies that support Adler’s velvety voice and wholehearted messages, Mama Proud is an album that will stay with you after one listen. Adler taps into the universal bond between parents and children on Mama Proud creating a timeless listening experience. Don’t miss Mama Proud out now!

Clay Burton