Singer-Songwriter Giulia Releases Her Space Themed Music Video For Track ‘Trippin’ Out’

Singer-Songwriter Giulia Releases Her Space Themed Music Video For Track ‘Trippin’ Out’

Notably making a musical departure from her previous Country Rock album ‘Raze Me To The Ground’, new track and music video for ‘Trippin’ Out’ takes Giulia on a wild ride through space as she sings the lyrics to her musically adventurous accompanying song.

In the track, Giulia’s powerhouse vocals do not go unmissed. Especially when the song comes to its chorus this is the time where the Italian’s impressive range and stunning tone come into play. More in the way of a Synth-pop sound, this is a totally new dimension for Giulia’s music. With synths scattered throughout and immense catchy hooks most prominent, the departure between Giulias previous material up until now with the release of ‘Trippin’ Out’ has seen the singer refresh her musicality and it is definitely a breath of fresh air.

In the music video, however, this is where the tracks is brought to life. Portraying Giulia’s fun-filled vision for the song and music video the latter sees her sitting in the driving seat of a spaceship about to embark on a big mission. Flying off deep into the galaxy, Giulia passes floating planets with ease and from time to time shots of Giulia sporting UV face paint emerge which acts as a beacon of light amongst the dark night sky of the otherwise interstellar music video.

The whole ‘Trippin’ Out venture has taken Giulia on a new musical adventure. Sliding away from her Country Rock roots and incorporating a more Synth-Pop sound, it seems this singer-songwriter is eager to evolve as an artist.

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