Single Review: Hollis Jordan’s New Inspiring Single, “Runaway”

You know it’s about to go down when an artist, their usual excessive self-criticism notwithstanding, says they are already impressed by their creative output without even having to wait for feedback from their fans. That is precisely how Hollis Jordan felt about his single Runaway. Having overseen the entire process of making the song from its writing to the production and even visual conceptualization, there is no doubt that Hollis put all his heart and soul into the making of Runaway.
It is clear that Hollis Jordan was cut out to be a music superstar. The Detroit crooner is descended from a profoundly musical family. Couple that with the fact that he started off singing in the church choir at a tender age just like many other artists do, there weren’t so many ways Hollis could have to avoid ending up in the world of music. Hollis’ single is in preparion for his upcoming release, “Hollisphere”.
Runaway is a song that makes a good first impression right from the moment the instrumental first washes in like ocean water to when the spicy hi-hats and thumping baseline kick in just before Hollis Jordan’s stunning vocals break out of from the speakers. An R&B tune with heavy Caribbean undertones peppered with electro-music elements, Runaway is a beautiful cocktail of various musical genres that blend together to give a rich, luscious sound that appeals to a musically diverse audience.
The sonics of the song are enthralling, and coupled with the infectious chorus, Runaway guarantees to give the listener a rich musical experience. But it is the inspiration behind the song that is most intriguing. Hollis Jordan says he wrote the song after a fascinating encounter with a girl he met online. After exchanging texts for a while and establishing mutual interest, Jordan’s love interest revealed to him that she had a baby with an ex of hers. She wanted to have a romantic liaison with Jordan, but at the same time, she wanted to have a complete family and be with her ex! What a classic case of indecision! Perhaps that is why Runaway makes you want to relax and dance to it all at the same time.
Another highlight of the song is Zaire Danae’s contribution. In perhaps one of the most unconventional guest appearances, Zaire does so much with so little. She only appears on the song to provide backup harmony towards the end of the song and delivers only a few lines. Zaire’s bold choice of words as she nudgingly chants “Come caress my body baby” leaves a powerful impression while stirring the imagination and eliciting lustful thoughts and desires. Zaire was a great addition to the song.
This impressive skill of weaving a real-life story into his music sets Hollis Jordan apart as a singer and gives him that authentic edge and flair. He makes his music in his unique way. Runaway will, without a doubt, have Jordan’s fans all over the world bobbing their heads and moving their bodies while feeling “like running away while listening to Marvin Gaye.”

–Keith Dujour

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