Single Review: Sibling Pop-Country artist Juna N Joey release a delicate new acoustic version of their single ‘’Til Your Heart Breaks’

Country music is one of those genres that commonly uses the same lyrical themes, whether it’s about loss, the culture in the southern US, religion or most commonly love and heartache. For brother and sister duo Juna N Joey, have tapped into exactly that. Creating their own invigorating pop-country ballad. Illustrating a story of a broken heart into their latest single ‘’Til Your Heartbreaks’.

Now released as an acoustic version, ‘’Til Your Heartbreaks’ takes their powerful ballad and strips it right back into its rawest form. This new take on their latest hit single brings through a much more sombre and intimate feeling to it. With just a piano and guitar, the siblings are allowed to really let their powerful vocal melodies carry this track forward.

Saying a few words about the topic of the single, the duo state, “Although we have never experienced this level of real heartbreak, we wanted to write a power ballad. Kenny Royster and the experienced musicians on this track really knew how to interpret our acoustic version into a recording that we are so excited to release. We hope that people find this song to be true and relatable – love is definitely one of the most important themes in country music.”

Since releasing their first single back in 2019, June N Joey has taken the time to really practise and show off their songwriting abilities. ‘’Till Your Heartbreaks’ comes in preparation for their self-titled EP, released later this year.

‘’Til Your Heart Breaks’ Acoustic version is out now.


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