Sings Some great Songs Pt.4 – by Hughie Mac

Sings Some great Songs Pt.4 – by Hughie Mac, is the fourth collection of covers songs by the crooner with his own twist on these 23 select choices to ass to the many others over the four discs. It turns out to be a lot of music to get out of his head and onto CD, but that does not mean I would not welcome a fifth one in the future, because I have heard all four and they come recommended, as well as his Christmas record also found in his catalog. This particular set of tracks happen to stack up with the previous ones, but each get better as they go.


This is a lot of fun, as it has been from release to release with the choices of songs Mac gets into on these CD’s. “Almost Like Being In Love” gets the show going with a good respectable version, but things instantly start to show how magnificent Mac can be with “The Twelfth Of Never” making an early appearance. The performance of Mac in the studio delivers on the same level as his live shows, and it helps to match the quality where both are concerned. These things simply cannot be denied when it comes to Mac and these recordings.

“Changes In Latitudes” is the fun loving Jimmy Buffet song which Mac makes his own by singing the notes precisely and effectively without the countrified aspects of the original, so it gets highlighted here with some others. “My Way” by Frank Sinatra gets the same treatment from Mac with a sobering version the disc would not be complete without, because it suits his so well. And the same goes for the next track, “Let me Be There” with dare a say a version on par with the original, to my memory.

“I Gotta Be Me,” “My Kind Of Girl,” and “Galveston” all get more excellent treatment from Mac, especially the latter track with Mac challenged by the lyrics and I like it when that happens. But most of these versions are straightforward and respectful to the originals, it’s just that Mac is a different singer, so he does put his own stamp on them. “Gentle On My Mind” is a great example because he makes it his own without question, you can’t miss it as it takes its place on the disc, and he knocks another one out of the park with this one.


“The Glory Of Love” gets a mention as another excellent version follows the last, which is just as enjoyable as the next on Sings Some Songs Pt. 2, an album that demands attention of all easy listening and jazz music lovers. Other tracks are the following “New York, New York” which is probably the only track I expected Mac to be doing as it had yet t be included on the previous three releases. And “Nothing But The Best” and “Try A Little Kindness” make way for the second Jimmy Buffet track “Cheeseburger In Paradise” for just a taste of what’s on this tremendously satisfying release.

Clay Burton