“Sins of Me” The New Single From the Upcoming Album “Shineye Landing” by Billy Jeter

The power of music finds its way to hearts on “Sins of Me” by Billy Jeter, from from his upcoming fourth album Shineye Landing, and it is a marvelous cut that should be raved about by critics of country and rock alike. The influences of Jeter range from artists like Bob Dylan, Dr. Ralph Stanley, John Lennon and Gillian Welch, also incorporating Delta blues such as Big Bill Broonzy and others. These influences also cross right over to rock and country as well as bluegrass and other forms of acoustic and general roots music which is featured in all his songs including this new single.

“Sins Of Me” comes from the heart and the soul of a songwriter’s who’s lived the life and lately toured his music and now reliving this release during the Covid era. The song starts off real slow but then the slide guitar and the voice of Jeter kick in and sweep you off your feet with a super fine ballad about destiny and how our sins are not imperative to it. Jeter sings about his sins with a gospel sort of feel and the lovely tune does the rest of the business on this bluesy country song with a mainstream appeal.

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Coming from a Delta background, “Sins of Me” shows Jeter’s roots and combines it with his own originality and some modern flare without sounding polished or anything, it’s a refreshing tune but also depressing in nature. The current times do call for such medicinal music, and Jeter delivers on that and many other levels, as he does with all tracks on the soon to be released album Shineye Landing The banjo and slide guitar plays equal roles intertwined around the vocals which sadly reflect deep sorrow but also ring of hope and it makes for the perfect song, and if anything is lacking it could run a little longer for more of what it packs.

The guitar chops of Jeter are also worth mentioning as “Sins Of Me” puts them on display as well, but it’s just a taste of it when it comes to the rest of his work which needs to be heard to really influence readers. The lyrics are of the least input so the music on the track speaks even more than the words get a chance to, but you do get the message. This is not an upbeat song by any means but it’s also not heavy handed.

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Jeter puts just the right among of weight as he sings and essentially accompanies the well-arranged music and it keeps you interested from beginning to end in all departments. The more I hear of Billy Jeter the more I want to hear, and that is the impact “Sins of Me” had from the first time I heard it, which is really all you need to know to get someone to listen to some great stuff and discover more of what is out there by them and it is a rinse and repeat process. There is much to like about Jeter and this single, but don’t miss what else is out there, it’s all good.

Clay Burton