Six Time Emmy Winner BZ releases NEW ALBUM!

Six Time Emmy Winner BZ releases NEW ALBUM!

From the San Francisco Bay Area, Dubstep Artist BZ is releasing his 5th album entitled “Infinite Point”. Fans describe him as Skrillex meets Nine Inch Nails and has Rob Zombie as their bastard child.

BZ, a six time Emmy winning composer, stands out not only as an accomplished Producer, but also for his mastery of electric guitar which he adds to his music. BZ has a degree in classical music from the University of Texas at Austin, but despite having a classical background, this music rocks!

BZ’s new album hits on July 19th. His previous albums (Unobtainium [2014], Dark Days [2011], BZ 2.0 [2009], Reserved [2003]) have been commercial successes, achieving film and TV placements and Indiegogo funding goals to complete the projects.

The last few years have been very good for BZ. Songs from the albums are on all the major TV networks, and hundreds of songs are on MTV and other cable channels. These placements have not only generated enough of a living to “stay in the game”, but also to be able to create the new album.

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“BZ!!!! What just happened? Unobtanium just blew up my brain! I was not ready for how cool and killer this record is. Right up my alley (even though I don’t have the talent to make this kind of music!). Part of my wants to highlight a few tracks but I’m having a hard time picking favorites.