Slovak band White Place Emerges on Music Scene With their Version of Psychological Pop

Slovak band White Place Emerges on Music Scene With their Version of Psychological Pop

After three years of rehearsing and experimenting with recording techniques, a new Slovak band White Place emerges on the music scene. Their debut album titled “Room” is now available on all major streaming platforms. The frontman Daniel Jenco is the main creative engine behind the band´s lyrics and music. In the creative process, Daniel draws from renowned sociological and psychological texts and reflects the timeless thoughts of Jung, Nietzsche, and Freud in his music.

The first single of the album titled “Breathe” deals with Jungian dream theory on coping with burdensome dreams through the process of analyzing them. The rest of the album addresses the phenomena such as neurosis, ego, paranoia, vanity and the desire for power.

“In my work, I try to allude to cult fiction stories that portray fictional societies along with their language or regime. Even though being very different from ours, the societies manage to work/function on a hypothetical level,” states Jenco about the music of White Place and then proceeds to comment on the sources of his inspiration: “When it comes to work of art, the well-thought-out background and the symbolic value of the work itself have always had a great impression on me. Some authors have managed to create an inner world so vast, that even today, they not only broaden the imagination of other people but also push the limits of their thinking. The album “Room” is a cosmos where each song wants to be its own, independent world thought out to the smallest detail.”

Another bandmember is the brother of Daniel, Majo Jenco. Not only they are on the same terms when it comes to music but also when it comes to ideas. Majo is a fan of old-school recording methods which is best demonstrated by his on-going avantgarde solo project “Jeseň”. Majo brings the experimental acoustic elements into the sound of White Place. He also adds the vocals, to complement Daniel´s principal voice, which is the element of White Place that serves as a link between pop and alternative music.

Bass guitar and overall production of the album is seized by an experienced Stan Corej, a member of a well-known pop-rock Slovak band Komajota and also founder of the artistic project Úzka Krajina in which both the visual and musical elements are combined. The last one to complete this band of four and to give it the rhythmic dimension is the drummer Lukas Fabian.

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