“Sonder” – by Gasoline Tequila

“Sonder” – by Gasoline Tequila, while not my introduction to Flamenco and guitar instrumental music, it is my introduction to the work of Massimo Lusardi and Hernan Romero and this NY based project they have, which is of utmost world class appeal. The very thought of describing just one song by them is daunting, but they have some interesting backgrounds and much to know about concerning GT and their mission which didn’t start just yesterday either. This is a band that should be well known to many, but not to myself, so I am coming from left field as a spectator and it’s all fireworks to me.

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It is very hard not to gloat about Gasoline Tequila because of how good they are and the fact that I have not heard of them, but it just goes to show what is out there in the pandemic of 2020, which is a lot of great music made for the soul. The ones able to take advantage of the ability to focus well enough to write something moving and get it out for the sole purpose of bringing divided people together are going to be remembered for setting down their differences to unite.

The enthusiasm of Flamenco guitar is one of the beauties of it, combined with Spanish nostalgia and a dancing spirit that can’t be described as pop music but can and has always been applied to it. And that is why it can crossover as-long as the effort is made and that is what Gasoline Tequila offer up and so by the bucket load with “Sonder” and have been doing since the begging. I obviously like this band and why not try and get the word out without beating around the bush by saying even those who don’t normally listen to Flamenco would still be blown away.

The first seeds of “Sonder” were planted one night in NY at the home of Lusardi when he took his laptop out on the terrace and played some of it to the people down below, where the community have given him a tremendous support of feedback and inspired him to continue writing it during the pandemic. The sheer excellence of the guitar lines throughout are what keep you entranced throughout, but also make you want to dance around the room. It serves up every bit of its purpose to touch people without using any words.

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The powers of Flamenco and dance go hand in hand, as I have been out to see players myself and there is always some dancing, but virtuosos are what they are, and these guys have monster chops. The whole Gasoline Tequila project is not only one of fantastic music, but also one of community in New York that you can look up and see is top class and you ca see the videos or watch them on YouTube, because everything leading up to “Sonder” is also well worth taking the time to see and hear along with this killer new single.

Clay Burton

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