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Sri Joydip
About the Book:

Stories from Arunachala Diaries
Author – Sri Joydip

The title “Stories from Arunachala Diaries” fully conveys the content of the book. Each chapter contains one story and the stories meaningfully connect with each other to weave the deeper Gyan Yoga philosophies.

The author wrote the book in the personal memoir genre, describing his first visit to the Mystical Mountain Arunachala , in Tiruvannamalai , South India, and the interaction with people from different countries around the visit. The experience of the Book is from the time period of 2009, when the world was going through a global disaster – Global Financial Crisis 2009.

The author then establishes a link between the same pattern of events in the global level right now, as the Global Pandemic 2020 affecting all of us collectively, and also each one of us individually.

The author found it is important right now to go back to the similar experience curve and pattern, and find out that our rich spiritual heritage and spiritual tradition can give some solace, support, and also the direction in both individual and collective level to handle the global pandemic 2020.

The author set a goal to help the people to overcome the general mood of negativity in these challenging times, with positive stories of human spirit winning over challenges.

That is why this book is intended for those who passionately want to create some positive mental experience in between the global pandemic 2020, but experience temporary or permanent difficulties with this.

It is hardly possible to place “Stories of Arunachala Diaries” in any standard frames and categories as the book switches often between dream and reality and sometimes creates the effect of magic realism.

This is a book that must be read repeatedly with carefulness.

One of the most striking features of the book is the uncompromising approach of its author. He constantly rejects all half-truths and brings new and fresh wisdom which could change the perspective of people on looking into present and future challenges. Everything becomes very clear and straightforward: there is a way to inquiry and spiritual search and if someone refuses to choose it, he betrays revelation of the soul in himself. This position requires taking a very big responsibility and only a few people can bear it.

The book is penetrated with a specific spiritual approach to the defined problems and challenges and told in a very easily understood stories. But the contemporary people who lead modern life often do not want to hear about spirituality and faith, since they give their preference to a pragmatic approach, economic calculations, explanations, and persuasion.

“Stories of Arunachala ” depicts a huge perspective and cognitive change, which changes the way we look around things. Sri Joydip managed to express her outlook on the pages of the book very clearly and powerfully. While reading you will notice that the path of a true seeker requires significant changes in life. Even if these changes are stretched in time, sweetened with promises of success or with descriptions of positive examples, they still can be enormous and irreversible. It is impossible not to change oneself after reading this great book!

About the Author: Sri Joydip is an Indian Writer in English, who wrote eighteen books, and numerous articles on the rich heritage of Indian Ancient Spiritual Tradition. He is also a Yoga teacher, who has taught Yoga in International bodies like the US Consulate, Indian Council of Cultural Relations, and Corporate bodies like Birla Corporation Limited, National Small Industries Corporation, Eta Maelco.

He has his education in ‘Yoga and Psychology’ from ‘Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research’, ‘Creative writing’ from British Council, and ‘Management’ from Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata and ‘Reiki Healing’ from Reiki Kendra, “Mindfulness and Peak performance[ Online] ” from the University of Monash. He has thirty years of Yoga practicing and Sixteen years of Yoga teaching experience.

Some of the work of Sri Joydip, which get accolades in Indian Ancient Spiritual Tradition is – “Seven Yoga Habits that can Transform your life”, “Creatiyoga”,”Lifewise-Living Life Wisely”, ” Gyan Yoga Teachers Training”, “Workplace Wellness”, “Innovation@Yoga Education:The Sri Joydip Ashram Story”, “The Science of Yoga”,” Wisdom Stimulus – Application of Bhagavad Gita in Self Management “, “Living the truth” and “Living Well”. Sri Joydip has also written numerous articles on Yoga which have been published on Speaking Tree, The Complete Herbal Guide Magazine, Cure Joy, Zenward, and.BYR blogs.