Sri Joydip’s Album “Bless Me” will make your Navaratri Celebration more meaningful

Sri Joydip’s Album “Bless Me” will make your Navaratri Celebration more meaningful

Sri Joydip Ashram just produced a Devotional World Music album for Sri Joydip called “Bless Me” that has already received a listing in Google Music, Apple Music, Amazon Music, JioSaavn, Anghami ( the largest music distribution company in the Arab world), Soundcloud.

With the 9 days long Navaratri festival vibes, the album pays homage to the Mother Durga, with its sing-along lyrics and references to the worshipping Devi .

It makes sense that all of the musicians and producers—Sri Joydip and his musical team is from Bengal. Clearly, the musicians were influenced by the Aghomoni Musical culture of Bengal before the Pujas. “Bless me” is an album that celebrates 9 days’ long biggest festival in South Asia, celebrating motherhood ( where divine is considered as a form of Mother) which starts from 29th September 2019.

In this cultural context, “Bless Me “ uses some verses which are very “Sanskrit”, much contextual to the spirit of the festival, in the modern form. It has been a tradition for a long time, where South Asian singers and composers especially from India and Bangladesh on invitation of Mother Durga, composes Aghamani songs, before the Pujas. Here, a human mother is seen as an expression of Divine Mother, and the artwork of the album is inspired by that theme.

Few aghamoni songs have been met with such a warm reception where Google Music, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Jio Saavn, Soundcloud, Anghami some of the top music distributors, included it in the hot new releases, hours after its release.

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