Sri Joydip’s Album “Love at the time of Corona” will make your Relationship in the time of Global Pandemic more meaningful

Sri Joydip’s Album “Love at the time of Corona” will make your Relationship in the time of Global Pandemic more meaningful

Amid the current global pandemic, people around the world have turned to the arts to soothe their souls and entertain their minds. Movies, Music, and Books have been a catalyst for mental health and as they say, “The show must go on!”
The latter rings true for Bengal Based singer-songwriter Sri Joydip who in the earlier part of the year, was gearing up for forthcoming 2020 album in theme of love. Although the landscape of his journey might have been altered, the Bengal-born singer is marching ahead, and to the delight of his fans has released his much anticipated “Love at the time of Corona” album.
Since releasing the lead single “Bless Me” from his third full-length musical offering, fans of the soulful singer, have been clamoring for more, and Sri Joydip’s “LOVE AT THE TIME OF CORONA” album has now delivered! The album consists of three original tracks that run the gamut of love at the time of Corona. “I tell a universal story of love, but I always try to represent both sides of the relationship. And with the present Global pandemic, the story of love has taken a new turn with social distancing. Because of those teaching moments which I have experienced myself from love, I try to be real in my writings,” he stated of his musical inspiration. Each song on the album is like a standalone single, created through his own life experiences and surroundings.
The album was produced by Sri Joydip Ashram, and with additional production by ISB&T Films on the track, “How many hours.”
“Love at the time of Corona is my first Bengali Album. My earlier albums are all in English. It was altogether a different experience to sing in your native language. However, I always think music is always beyond linguistic boundaries and good music appeals to everybody. I’d like to be remembered as an artist who has given the best of his through music by providing creative vocal arrangements, stimulating lyrics, and a whole lot of storytelling taken from his life experience.”
“Love at the time of Corona ” is now available on all your favorite streaming platforms and digital outlets

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Tide of Love
When u smile
How many hours

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