Startup Launches Ticketed Livestream Platform To Support Artists During Covid-19

Startup Launches Ticketed Livestream Platform To Support Artists During Covid-19

The website, Release Party, is aimed specifically at giving artists a new revenue stream through ticketed livestreams.

The founders highlight that existing livestreaming platforms offer no immediate income for the artists and usually offer subpar experiences for fans. “Unlike others, we handle everything: From taking payments, to hosting the livestream. We’ve built a beautiful end-to-end experience for everyone involved” co-founder Artur Muehle says. On Release Party, fans join the online party, enter through a paywall, and have an intimate ad-free, concert-quality experience with the artist. Artists are then paid out within a couple of days.

The company was founded by a group of tech-savvy, music-loving independents who saw a problem in the music industry and wanted to offer a solution that wasn’t backed by an advertising conglomerate. “Our initial idea was to build a platform where artists could sell tickets for fans to hear their latest songs, live”, co-founder and ex-Spotify engineer, Tom Macmichael says. “However, during recent months we realized our solution could be used more broadly by artists to bring all of their concerts online in a more special way than other platforms.”

It’s no secret that artists have difficulty making money and rely heavily on concert ticket sales. Release Party’s founders highlight their company principle that artists should be paid fairly and fans should be able to take part in live experiences from anywhere.

The platform has already held several live shows and currently has a waitlist for artists to join.

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Host a ticketed livestream event online. Perform music to your fans while generating money. Make it exclusive or global, and setup a party in minutes.