Steven Halliday – Beginner's Luck

Steven Halliday

Location: Provo, UT, United States
Description: Steven Halliday belongs in a genre of his very own. His unique and completely original style brings a fresh perspective to the music world. Steven’s catchy tunes with a pop/rock/blues flavor will have you signing every word before you know it!
Biography: Steven has always had a great appreciation for music, and started composing music in his early teens. After high school, Steven started his singer/songwriter career. Steven was invited by the Tyler Music Group in Nashville, Tennessee to record a demo CD with them. The tracks turned out so great, to everyones surprise, that they asked Steven to record the whole album. After a few months of work in the recording studio the aptly named “Beginners Luck” was born.
About Steven HallidaySteven Halliday is a natural born musician who has developed a life long passion for music through instruments and vocals. In a house of musicians Steven quickly developed an ear and love for the instruments and talents that his parents and siblings had. He learned to play a variety of instruments including; the drums, guitar, bass guitar, piano, and others. He writes all of his own lyrics with a wide
range of influences.

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