Stingchronicity (The Police Tribute) releases new Video/EP

Gliding through the air around us like some sort of divine force sent by heaven to impart a message of solidarity in even the hardest of times, the smooth melodicism dispensed in the song “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You,” even when performed by cover band Stingchronicity, is unmistakably Sting in every way that truly counts, but as anyone who has seen or heard this sensational new act knows, it’s got as fresh a finish as ever when they take it out for a spin. Stingchronicity recently released a promo video of a performance at The Ardmore Music Hall that included their rendition of this track, and to say they’re working with a one of a kind skillset – despite being a cover act – would be putting it quite mildly.


Cosmetics aside, this band puts some serious muscle into the familiar beats that define “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic,” “Message in a Bottle” and even their own progressive take on “Roxanne.” Despite the fact that all of this material has been performed a hundred different ways by a hundred different artists over the years, there’s nothing present in Stingchronicity’s play that leaves a watered-down taste after consumption (which makes them quite the rare find to say the least).

You don’t have to be a professional critic to appreciate the sonic depth that this band is bringing to the table in “Synchronicity II,” “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You” and “Message in a Bottle,” but for those of us who are keen on the subtle details in music, there’s no getting around the level of seriousness Synchronicity affords the technical side of these compositions. There’s no tininess in their live sound, but instead a warmth that tethers their audiological assault both to The Police and the tradition of filler-free alternative rock in general.

By sticking to the basics of pop melodicism in their cover of “Every Breath You Take” and “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic,” Stingchronicity go a long way towards distinguishing their work from that of their campier contemporaries, the bulk of which would never think to put as angular an arrangement into their construction of the classic hook in “Roxanne.” This isn’t a costumed cover act that cares more about the visual than they do the virtuosity of their play; on the contrary, these guys could go independent from the catalogue of Sting and The Police and probably do just as well as they are here.

Stingchronicity Band – Promo Video (Live at The Ardmore Music Hall)

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While I’ve admittedly been biased against most cover bands for the majority of my career in the music industry, what Stingchronicity are doing is simply too good for any legit melody enthusiast to turn down, and I highly doubt I’m the only critic remarking as much this April. Stingchronicity aren’t changing the world as we know it, nor are they changing the narrative of the legacy left behind by Sting and The Police, but one thing is for certain – they’re giving some of classic rock’s best hits the revival they deserve.

Clay Burton