Studd Da Kidd’s TAMA Industries

Labels can do so much more than simply develop the creative cornerstones of a music scene. Or, for that matter, give us access to a collection of artists we might not have heard before; they can shape an entire culture when managed in the right fashion, and Studd Da Kidd’s TAMA Industries is looking to do as much as the 2020s come into focus.

Rather than applying concepts learned in a stuffy business school, Studd Da Kidd is taking her years of learning the trade on a straightforward level and bringing personal investment to TAMA Industries like no one else could have.


For Studd Da Kidd, promoting quality talent isn’t the focal point of running one of the more exciting labels out of her scene at the moment. So much as developing skillsets among her artist roster is, starting with the career boot camps TAMA Industries provides its roster. Anyone can rehearse a sweet harmony into a hook, but to understand the depth of the business we’re in and, more specifically, the ins and outs of finding your audience and maintaining a relationship with them is a lot more complicated, even to the most experienced of players in music.

Through creative molding that focuses on the individuality of an artist’s sound as opposed to generalized trends in pop music today, this is a label designed to make their talent more accessible and expressive as opposed to merely amplifying a moniker in the name of potential virality.

Clay Burton