Succumbing Is Not Acceptable New York’s Own S.i.n.a Is Next Up.


Succumbing Is Not Acceptable New York’s Own S.i.n.a Is Next Up.
September 1, 2012 — Strukk Worlds own S.i.n.a has been building his career for some time and 2010 to 2011 exposed fans outside of his hometown of New York City to his style of music with his various mix projects guest spots on coast to coast mix tapes to the core dj’s . The world heard and felt his up-coming’s even more with the release of his hit single stop which was picked up by all national record pools and  online radio live 365 stations before crossing over to national radio. S.i.n.a’s video debut on you tube  was an instant classic with over 10,000 views in 3 weeks with no promotion . All of 2011 was about S.i.n.a all over the internet with his video being added to major sites from to just to name a few of the many sites that has embrace his movement .

S.i.n.a would end 2011 on a high note and head into 2012 by gaining major attention from programmers from MTV 2 who would add his video into the voting system on the community networks to let fans vote his video in rotation on there you hear it first channel segment. Stop is still a fan favorite by all and the winter is gearing up to be another take over for the Street Ruckus label owner and artist with his new single high heels  invading college radio this fall and his new EP Succumbing is not acceptable hitting i tunes and limited edition physical Cd’s on Oct , 25 , 2012 .

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