Suzana Trifkovic Releases Ear-catching Single “Can You Love Me”

Suzana Trifkovic Releases Ear-catching Single “Can You Love Me”

Suzana Trifkovic released on May 15, 2020, new single “Can You Love Me”.
Refreshing, ear-catching song where fans will not only enjoy dancing to the beat of her always innovative and extraordinary music but also after long await sing along with Suzana. Her song gaining attention worldwide quickly, because of her uniquely husky and sexy voice.

What makes this song different from her previous work is Suzana’s take on shuffle dance music. Suzana skillfully combined easy flowing romantic shuffle dance tune with extremely important questions everyone would like to ask their lover, “Can you love me if / when…?” and spiced that up with her flawless lyrical performance.

Release artwork is where Suzana never disappoints her fans, this time in shades of grey. Simplicity at its best, which isn’t surprising for those who know that Suzana is a published photographer, model, and actress as well.

Check out Suzana’s new single “Can You Love Me” here

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