Suzana Trifkovic releases new album “Meet Me in Another Life”

On September 23, 2020 Suzana Trifkovic unveiled her new album titled “Meet Me in Another Life”. Another strong message coming from this artist, that love always wins in the end, and lovers don’t meet only in this life. Her music is always a new breath of hope and dreams.

Album “Meet Me in Another Life” contains 11 tracks, combining many different music styles and rhythms into electronic dance groundbreaking pieces. Each track is made to last, not following worldwide trends for quick money making success, but aiming towards those who listen with their open mind and heart. Suzana says her goal is to make music not only for the present but also for future generations.

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Suzana Trifkovic

Love can not be expressed with words, but music can express that emotion up to some level. Loving someone truly is deep feeling, so enormous that if you would like to measure in steps, you would have to start walking the distance over some …