“The Ballad Of Sanaleigh” (SINGLE) by Tash Hagz

“The Ballad Of Sanaleigh ” is the newest single from U.K. based, Singer/Songwriter, Tash Hagz. Hagz, whose name is presumably a play on Hash Tags, is something of a small sensation on Twitter, boasting over 10,000 followers. While he isn’t your typical social media star, his music certainly speaks for itself, as it relates to his current single. To paraphrase Tash Hagz, “The Ballad Of Sanaleigh” is a “hurdy gurdy psychedelic trip of acoustic loveliness.” Few artists are able to be so precisely descriptive  of their own work, and Tash’s self-appropriation is enough to intrigue the right minds.

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By his own accounts, Tash is just a regular guy, who is obsessed with the 60’s. He was paying a little closer attention than most though, as his work is remarkably reflective of the era. He is able to not only capture the sound of the late 60’s with “The Ballad Of Sanaleigh,” but the overriding sense of limitless possibilities, as well. He obviously has a deep affection for The Beatles, King Crimson and Donovan, and he pays tribute in the most flattering way on his recent effort. It ends up being either a nostalgic or mesmerizing listening experience, depending on when you were born.

The production on “The Ballad Of Sanaleigh” is so fundamentally competent, that you hardly notice. You  find yourself getting so caught up in the novel nature of the song, that its technical quality, becomes almost secondary. Tash Hagz deserves to have his studio wizardry acknowledged, though it’s unclear if he is entirely self-recorded. Whatever the case, Tash has taken his love of 60’s psychedelia, and seasoned it with Prog and Folk elements, to arrive at something rather original. You will remember the song, long after your initial exposure to it.

Wanted to tell you/just how I feel/your memories not tainted/my love was no steal. Like much of psychedelia, the lyrics on “The Ballad Of Sanaleigh” are somewhat abstract and symbolic. The aforementioned passage, would lead you to assume that there is something of a love story at the core of the piece. Whatever the case, Tash Hagz has you swept up in the musical and verbal imagery, as you embark on a magical odyssey. He captures your imagination, before you even realize what’s happening.

Tash Hagz

Tash Hagz is the performance name for Birmingham UK based musician, Mike Shields. A multi-instrumentalist and seasoned singer-songwriter, his spare time is spent in his home studio crafting retro-rock music that leans towards a psychedelic punk vibe. Distracted in his mid-20s with real-life he succumbed to a nine to five non-musical career.

By his own accounts, Tash is simply making music for fun, which might be an integral source of its quality. It’s not his primary source of income, so he’s able to perceive his own work, from a more relaxed vantage point. In some ways, you could accuse him of being overwhelmed by his influences. His vocal style is something of a cross between Greg Lake and George Harrison. However, Tash pays tribute, while allowing a slice of himself to be prominently represented. Much like the 1960’s, it’s the spirit of the music and the overarching sense of freedom, that prevails. “The Ballad Of Sanaleigh” is set for an official release date of November 5th.

Clay Burton