The Boxcar Daisies

Based out of the beautiful Vail Valley, Boxcar Daisies is quickly becoming one of Vail’s most intriguing musical groups. Comprised of singer/songwriters KT Homes and Elli Gauthier, the powerhouse duo takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey: sometimes whimsical, sometimes somber, sometimes political, always heartfelt. Playing soulful originals and a handful of uniquely presented covers, their sound is timeless and yet cutting edge – think early jazz vocals with just a handful of sawdust. The band’s strengths lie in their silky harmonies, melodic prowess, and unique instrumentation. In addition to their standard guitar and banjo set-up, Boxcar audiences can expect to see instruments ranging from a washtub bass to a musical saw to an African harp.

Elli Gauthier was born to free-spirited parents fresh from the Cascade Mountains of Washington. Her mother tended the garden, her father worked as a journalist, and their little family traipsed across the country. Her father played the flute, her mother the piano, and the Gauthier kids played a haphazard assortment of spoons, oatmeal containers and kazoos. As an adult, Elli has lived in places ranging from middle-Georgia to Rome, Italy to wherever she could legally park her van. Two college degrees and a wealth of life experience later, she has honed her style and her song writing. She spends her days working at a local non-profit arts organization and is currently recording her first full-length solo album, “Empty Hangars, Empty Closets.” Elli currently lives in Minturn, Colorado with her cat and instruments.

KT Homes was born in a hidden world of stonewalls and staunch republicans, sitting nestled between a quiet sea town in Connecticut and the Big Apple. While attending St. Lawrence University, Kt launched herself as a musician along the side of renowned artist and friend Grace Potter. Within the frigid landscape of upstate NY, Homes was most often found roaming the Adirondack Mountains, in the art studio, or snuggled up next to a camp fire with her guitar in hand, singing about human rights issues and broken hearts. She has shared her music around the globe – from NYC to New Zealand, from Kathmandu, Nepal to Colorado where she recently found her new favorite instrument; Elli’s washtub bass. KT is a consummate songwriter, fueled by passionate political and environmental views, love, and the trampled roads of a nomadic life. She is an artist by nature and has been bouncing between the life of a gypsy world traveler, illustrator, and simple mountain girl. She now resides in Vail Colorado.

Visit their website for pics, more info and to listen to their music.

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