The Dream by Lying On Ice penetrates under your skin with powerful arrangements and a breathtaking voice.

The Dream by Lying On Ice penetrates under your skin with powerful arrangements and a breathtaking voice.

The Dream by Lying On Ice penetrates under your skin with powerful arrangements and a breathtaking voice.
Complex tones and arrangements make the debut album by Lying On Ice an experience in which one likes to press repeat to start The Dream over again.

DENVER, DECEMBER 4, 2018 — With the album ” The Dream ” Jesse Maddox and Angela Cross prove their group Lying On Ice are firing on all cylinders. Throughout all 11 songs they highlight the attention to detail that drew in Dave Rave Ogilvie (NIN, Skinny Puppy) who produced and mixed the album. Dave worked with the group to sculpt the collection of songs into a listening experience that invites you to join them on their journey through the uncharted territory of felted pianos, sub bass synths and dream like arrangements. The texture throughout the album gives it an addictive underground factor that when you listen in you will find yourself hitting repeat. The Dream by Lying On Ice can be found streaming and for purchase everywhere you might listen.

When the Legendary Pink Dots and recent Amanda Palmer collaborator Edward Ka-Spel provided vocals for the song Surrender Jesse Maddox was buzzing with excitement. It was the influence from Edward Ka-Spel’s solo, LPD and Tear Garden projects that helped curate the tones, textures and moods that inspired Jesse to find and develop his musical voice. Jesse a recent Berklee School of Music and recipient of the Gloria Estefan scholarship wanted to make the song Surrender featuring Edward Ka-Spel an ode to the Pink Dots in an attempt to say thank you for all of the years of inspiration.

“Lying On Ice’s gorgeous style reminds me very favorably of Chromatics’ neon-tinged synth-pop, in addition to Hikaru Utada’s more darker-geared efforts – or a less hectic and more organized Crystal Castles. Either way, comparisons aside, this is a remarkably well done effort that balances a dark atmosphere brilliantly with seductive vocals and a subtle sort of infectiousness that sticks, with a sound that’s quite original despite the complementary comparisons.” – Mike Mineo, Obscure Sound

Cool, powerful and with a breathtaking voice, with complexity that penetrates directly under the listener’s skin. Make their songs an experience in which one likes to press the repeat button and start over to dream again. In any case, you should definitely use the headphones here, because then you really get the full potential. This should not be a mistake, because as the album ” The Dream ” shows, the duo from Denver is in full swing. 11 songs with addictive factor! Listen in and be amazed. Mad Mako – Dark Life Experience

If you venture to the group has additional downloads accompanying the album as well as signed physical CDs and incredibly beautiful images that represent each song on handcrafted paper. Some images were designed by artists that were inspired by the music and are a visual representation of the songs.

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New band successfully lands deal with musical heroes for debut album. What do best selling groups Tool, NIN, David Bowie and Canadian pop star Carly Rae Jepsen have in common with the new experimental group Lying On Ice?