The FM’s “Eyes Are Suffering” by Harry Wells


A smashingly devastatingly powerful once of decadent Goth best describes The FMs. From out of nowhere lead singer Matt Namer prances upon the unsuspecting listener with his music and enlightenment with a true excitement felt to the bone. You’re not sure initially if you’re being  tortured or saved, in the best possible way. Then all at once you realize, these guys care about the world and intend to try and change it.

Everything about this audacious faction is “out of the box” from their lyrics to their awe inspiring videos, giving Goth a gold medal. Their newest song, “Eyes Are Suffering”, in the words of Namer ……”We wanted to create an anthem against ignorance and complacency”. The band dives deeply into their beliefs in this song, and adds a haunting, unforgettable sonic sensibility to their meaningful lyrics.

This is a group to watch, and to watch carefully as they have potential to rise above the goth world and actually be taken very seriously. Their motto is “We’re trying to save the world without being dicks”…. you just have to love a band like that !!


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