The Wait Is Over


The Wait Is Over
October 17, 2012 For Further Information contact:
Christopher Houston
Phone: 678.334.7312

The Wait Is Over: Repo Mann is here!!

The recording industry never saw this coming. How is it that the independent scene gets more notoriety than the major scene. The answer to this question is simple, Artists like Repo Mann have been around for a while, and have built a real fan base instead of force feeding the audience.

In todays music industry, strong, solid albums were thought to be on a decline, hopefully with the release of “Stranger In My City” that will change for the better.

If you have never heard of Repo Mann, you are truly in for a treat. Even for those who already are familiar with the Atlanta native will surely be surprised by this new project. Usually Repo takes on an extremely hardcore style, but on Stranger In My City he was able to combine the hardcore elements with more fan friendly records. “Nobody Better” “Business Just Picked Up”

Be sure to pick up Repo Mann, Stranger In My City. It is available whereever digital music is sold, worldwide. Look for features from Boo Boo Jones, B.A. Classic, Lo K3y Lik3 Dat, Mr.Big Dog and Yah-Yah. With production from Da Khemyst Klark Kint and YaBoyYoungBe, it is sure to be classic and long lasting.

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